Cubase 11 LE export audio mixdown -realtime export missing

Steinberg ditched the realtime export in LE but when you try to export an external instrument it asks you to use realtime export. Same for freeze track that does not work anymore in external audio. Is there a workaround for this?

Hi and welcome,

How do you use the “External Instrument”, please? The real “External Instrument” feature is part of Cubase Pro only.

The workaround is to record the signal from your hardware to an Audio track in Cubase. Then you can export it offline.

Hello Martin, thanks for your reply. The plugin is part of Virus TI synth, works like a plugin and must be recorded realtime. This worked in Cubase 10 Elements and there was a mention that the tickbox enabling realtime export was forgotten and it will be included in the next update. I use Cubase Elements not the bundle LE version. The hardware output is also used in the same USB signal (e.g. is also the main audio device)


I see. Could you use Render in Place se a workaround for now (before the real-time export will be back with the update)?

Render in place isn’t available either. Tried another trick from another user: create an outside group track. Then freeze this track goes “external plug-in is used. Freezing will be done in realtime”.
The freeze starts but stops at 33% with “A CPU overload occured during freezing!”
I’m in bad luck here, I’ll wait for the update…


Try to Solo the track before you trigger Freeze.

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