Cubase 11 LE Installation to D:\ Drive - Help needed!

Hi All,

I received Cubase 11 LE bundled with the purchase of my Audient ID14 MkII.

I wanted to install the software to evaluate it, but I’m not off to a good start! :confused:

I keep my SSD reserved for Windows 10 and critical software, and don’t want to bloat it with unnecessary data.

For starters the Steinberg Download assistant does not let me specify the installation path, which is annoying enough, and when I specify my secondary drive in the Steinberg Install Assistant, the software still writes multiple gigs of data onto my SSD!

Any help will be welcome, it does look like a neat package, but if I can’t address this I will not install it.

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It wants to be on the C drive, installing it elsewhere creates file path problems for updates and 3rd party stuff.

That sounds like a practice from olden times… are you sure it’s still necessary?

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Yep, unfortunately. The SSD is only 128GB and it’s getting close to full. I was hoping to get around upgrading it before getting a new system next year.

This is 100% the better move. Even ignoring Cubase you are going to be in an ongoing battle to keep cleaning up your C: drive at that size. Also SSD prices have dropped a huge amount the last couple of years. If you get a larger system disk you can repurpose the current one for sample libraries or Cubase Projects.