Cubase 11 LE Record System Sound

Hi everyone, I’m new to DAW software, and wanted to record system sound. Searched youtube and found a video record system sound using OBS and Reastream.

One of the step was create group track (named system) then add audio track, select add audio input, then select system from the group track.

Somehow I cannot find “system” for audio in category but I can find it for audio out category.

Can anyone explain where I did wrong?

Thank you

I have just switched to mac, so no longer able to use restream, but it worked like a charm when I did use it.

I just put the restream plugin on the Stereo Out in Cubase, then created an audio capture in OBS (the trickiest thing was downloading voicemeter so i could have an input with no audio actually on it) then you go to “filters” and put Restream on there and it should just send everything out to that channel in OBS. You have to set it to “local broadcast” is I think the setting, and name it the same thing (capitals matter) in both instances of the VSTs.

I did that and then just had normal browser audio going through if I needed youtube or other audio to make it.

Hope that helps some :slight_smile: