Cubase 11 LE upgrade options

I’ve been using Cubase 11 LE and I’m looking to upgrade to Artist 11 to give myself the option of the sampler track. I’ve noticed I can purchase a retail upgrade in various well known retail outlets though it is sold at an AI upgrade so was wondering whether this would work with my LE license? The cost is much lower than than on Steinberg which is the same for LE and AI.

You need to purchase a license upgrade that EXACTLY matches what shows in the eLCC or the code won’t be recognized.

If you are referring to something like this …
Steinberg Cubase Artist 11 - Upgrade from Cubase AI (boxed) | Sweetwater
I don’t think it’s going to work for LE. It specifically says “Upgrade from Cubase AI”.

Thanks for the reply and yes that’s exactly what I’ve been looking at purchasing.

I’ve been told AI is basically the same as LE as it’s the free license provided when purchasing hardware and the upgrade directly through Steinberg is the same for LE and at the same cost.