Cubase 11 license for Cubase 6.5


Just bought the Cubase 11 Pro (not activated yet). I’m upgrading from Cubase 6.5 32-bit which I’m still using on my old computer. With the new license I would still like to access my old projects. I can’t just open them on the new computer since there are 32-bit plugins that I don’t have there.

The support says that 6.5 is not supported anymore so they can’t say if it would work. Have anyone here tested to open an old version of Cubase using a newer license?

should work fine

Yes I upgraded from Cubase 6.5 on XP to W10 Cubase 10 less than a year ago and apart from not having access to 32bit plugin (unless I use J-Bridge) all of the project load fine.
I can only assume that 11 will the same.

Thanks, but I want to use the dongle with the Cubase 11 license for my Cubase 6.5 on my old computer.

If I activate the upgrade it’s not possible to go back. But hopefully it works.

the C11 licence will allow you to run C6.5 so you can easily go back

It did not work… It says “Cubase 6 trail license expired”

With my new C11 license I can run my old C5.

Does the eLicenser really show a C11 license on the old computer? If not, an update might be due…

Up to when I bought C11, I had C6 running on an old Windows XP box, along with C10 on WIn10. After updating to C11 on the Win10 a few days ago the C6/XP instance no longer works, due to an e-licenser failure.

On Win10/C11, the eLic (v6.12.5.1279) displays ‘Cubase Pro 11’ when ‘My Licenses - All available licenses’ is selected.

On WinXP, the eLic (v6.7.1.8151 - available on the Steinberg site for XP) displays ‘Unknown Application’ when ‘My Licenses’ is selected. Looks like the eLic knows there’s some kind of license, but the v6.7.1.8151 app is struggling to read it.

Dunno if this means C6/XP won’t work once you’ve installed C11 on the dongle. Certainly looks like it.

@grz, upthread - ‘With my new C11 license I can run my old C5’. Is your C5 on XP?

No, both C5 and C11 on Win10

It looks like you can update old eLicensers manually:

Thanks for the Steinberg link. The page is an exact summary of the issue, alas the workaround seems only to apply to Win7.

Their suggested fix involves updating C:\ProgramData\eLicenser\eLD\SynsoPos407C.SLD but XP doesn’t have a c:\ProgramData\ folder. Also there are no *.SLD files to be found anywhere. For the eLic, XP has c:\program files\eLicenser and c:\program files\synchrosoft folders.

I’m not atall bothered about losing C6 on XP, it was just an experiment to see how long it would keep on working.

Of course, there may well be others who need C6 to keep working on XP, and to them - it doesn’t look good.

Good news:

I set up a virtual XP and installed the eLicenser v6.7.1.8151. The path to the *.SLD files is

C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Application Data\eLicenser\eLD

You need to check the ‘Show all folders and files’ (or similiar, German XP here) in the folder options to see the ‘Application Data’ folder.
Then I copied the SynsoPos407C.SLD from the above link in this folder, overwriting the existing one. And voilà, the restarted eLicenser shows my C11 license now…

@Steinberg: you should update the help site with the correct path for XP users

C6 on XP lives again… Excellent work grz, thank you.

Before my last post I’d done a search of the XP drive using powershell and it didn’t find any .SLD files. Of course, the reason for this was my query had ‘-ErrorAction SilentlyContinue’ - meaning it didn’t tell me that it couldn’t access the XP Documents And Settings folder. Ah, you live and learn.


Still says “Cubase 6 trail license expired”. Anyone knows how to fix this? Really need to access some old recordings.

Have activated my Cubase 11 license and that works.