Cubase 11 licensing upgrade

I have just read the notification that hardware e-licensers will go out of support in 2025. I still have Cubase 11 installed using a USB licenser. According to my profile, it says ‘Cubase Pro 11 (upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing)’. However if I remove the USB dongle Cubase 11 will not run because ‘no license found’. I also have Cubase 13 installed (via upgrade) which of course doesn’t use the USB license at all.
I’m confused. Shouldn’t the ‘upgraded to Steinberg licensing’ mean that my Cubase 11 should open without the dongle connected?


You cannot start Cubase 11 withtou the USB-eLicenser. Cubase 11 will always need the USB-eLicenser. Only Cubase 12+ versions are using the new licensing system.