Cubase 11 - Loop not working when load a project with loop enable


When i load a project that loop is enable (blue mark) the loop doesn’t work.
In every case i have to disable the loop and enable again to work.

Could you please check that?



Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Btw, the Cycle settings is not stored within the project. This is global settings.

I’ve tested this option. Cubase starts without any preferences, i could only open a project, but everything was disabled. I couldn’t normally quit from cubase, i have to “Force Quit”.

So… it will never work because loop section is a global settings. I understand that. Now i have to click 2 times in loop when loading a new project… its not a problem.



I have tested it right now here. If I enable the Cycle on the Transport panel and then open any other project, the Cycle is always deactivated. So I can’t open a project with the Cycle activated. Then I can’t run to the situation the Cycle is enabled but it doesn’t play in the cycle.

Martin, all my projects opens with a Cycle activated. It seems activated because the icons and the colors but internally are deactivated. Follow a video to show you what seems when i open a project that already has a cycle loop activated.

Screen Recording 2021-04-08 at 06.57.28