Cubase 11 LOSS of Audio Connection Presonus

I was loading a session last night in Cubase 11, and did not have on my Presonus Firestudio Interface, I quickly shut down cubase, and turned on my interface, then when i went to load, i started getting windows about mapping connections, I NEED HELP… I have audio on channel’s 1 and 2, but can’t get audio on the other 6 mics … I have deleted the input connections and reloaded them, but still not working… I NEED HELP… Tim

***Boot up your Presonus BEFORE starting Cubase to avoid this issue

  1. Select your Presonus as your audio device
  2. Go to Studio\ Audio Connections and create your input busses.
  3. Assign the Presonus device for that buss then
  4. Select your physical INPUTS you are using on the Presonus for that Bus
  5. Click in the PRESETS box there and SAVE that configuration as a Preset. Then if you need to reload it all you are good to go