Cubase 11 (Mac) not saving all Expression Maps with projects

I am noticing that in my template project Cubase 11 (MacOS, Big Sur) does not reliably save assigned expression maps.
I open the project and half the assigned expression maps are missing, not even in the “Expression Maps Setup” window. I have not found out yet if there is a pattern regarding which expression maps are prone to go missing and which ones are not, so far it seems random.
I have to load them again into the Expression Maps Setup window and then re-assign them to the track. With 350+ tracks this is getting very old, very quickly.

Can someone shed a bit light on what could be going on there?


Are the missing Expression Maps in use at any track, please?

You mean there needs to be content, MIDI notes with selected expressions? Since I am saving this as a template I would hope that there does not need to be MIDI data in each track.


No, I don’t mean content, MIDI Notes. But in the project, you can have Expression Maps, which are loaded, but not in use in any track. Is this the case?

What do you mean “not in use” (do you mean ‘disabled’?) if not carrying MIDI content? So far all tracks are active, but don’t necessarily have content. However, they are not always connected to their respective VEP instances at all times.
Yes, I want to have Expression Maps loaded and assigned permanently on any track I choose, regardless of whether that track has content or not. It should not matter, even if the track is disabled.


As far as I know, you can create/load any number of the Expression Maps in the project. But not use all of them.


  • Prepare following Expression Maps:
    – A
    – B
    – C
  • In the project, use following Expression Maps only:
    – Track 1 → Expression Map A
    – Track 2 → Expression Map B
  • That’s it. Even though you created Expression Map C in the project, the Expression Map is not in use in the project.

Is this the case?

Here is what I have:

Created Expression Maps, loaded them into the Expression Map Editor, so they can be used, then I choose them on each of the applicable MIDI tracks.
As far as I know all the Expression Maps I loaded are being used (are being assigned to a track).
Then I save the project (template).
When I close Cubase and start it again, or restart the computer, load the template project, only half of the tracks have their Expression Maps assigned to them. The others have vanished. I have to go into the editor load them all one-by-one (how stupid that we can’t load several at once!) and assign them again, one-by-one to their respective MIDI tracks.


So the missing Expression Maps are both, not loaded in the project, nor assigned to the track, right?

It would be nice to find a rule, which Maps have not been loaded.

Exactly, the missing maps are neither assigned to the tracks anymore nor to found in the Expression Maps Setup window where I have to load them again.