Cubase 11 Mac OS Catalina Latency on Audio recorded Midi sequenced tracks

My audio interface :Apollo X6 (about 9 ms RTL @ 128)
Computer: Mac OS Catalina on 2018 Mac Mini 6 core I7 32GB Ram
Synths: Juno 106, Dave Smith OB6, SE-1x and Waldorf Pulse.

I am sending Midi tracks (out from Cubase) to my analog synths (Midisport) so they come back in Cubase (through Apollo X6) as Audio tracks.
While aligning the MIDI data and the audio, there is always a stable timing difference between both, resulting in a delayed audio track waveform.

I am looking for a solution so that the timing of both Midi and audio matches without having to nudge manually … Also, I don’t want to use the External Instruments setup since I have some outboard already plugged in my available inputs.

Please let me know.


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