Cubase 11 Mac performance fixed?

Version 10.5 introduced breaking performance issues on Mac and forced me to use 10.0x instead. Does 11 resolve these issues?


In short yes, and improved in my case, I planed to update to 10.5 on macs and have same performance degradations.
I tried cubase 11 first day and worked same acros, Mojave (most stable in my case) and Catalina.

macOS Big Sur have graphics bugs in ver 11.0.1 and with power management for some models macs so expect sluggish animation and
UI glitches, we need to wait for transition from OpenGL to Metal on Big Sur and All be fine and even better a lot because of less CPU with new api and drivers. New fixes coming soon (11.1 is in beta)

I use very old plugins and Cubase is rock solid, compared to other daws, Cubase is ony wich can handle my experimentation and setup.
You can try cubase for 8h+ before trial version and check how it works for your spec It’s hard, way too hard to keep with apple experiments and changes.

I’m developer by profession so I know how is hard to keep all stable and bug free with older version of macOS is mission impossible.
They too often break down their applications that they develop in sync with these changes, e.g. logic pro

My spec is an old macbook pro late 2013 i7 and I’m super happy with Cubase evolution, quality and progress.

Graphics is very much improved with metal. But there is still things to do. I got a audio dropouts without the internal cpu meter peeks, and Intel cpu gadget tool says that my usage is a about 25% of max. (It’s a more accurate tool that what OSX or Steinberg provides)
And I dont think you should expect to have a responsive realtime system with 100% usage, but at least 50% should be possible.