Cubase 11 - Maintenance strategy to be changed

What i really like to see that Steinberg is going to change, is the frequency of maintenance releases, fixing bugs mainly and inplementing necessary and long requested workflow and GUI enhancements. Looking over the fence to another competitor I am seeing already a 3rd release (5.1.1) for their DAW during a period where Cubase got nothing at all :open_mouth::confused:
Cubase 11 started with a handful of unnecessary bugs and overlooked things. I wish they will change the strategy, which was btw promised with the release of Cubase 10

  • Realtime export forgotten (Artist)
  • +6db/+12db not selectable in Master meter
  • Recent Projects can’t be cleaned up
  • Input/Output channels not displayed in Project window
  • No two-lane text in Mixer (Windows only)
  • Incomplete HiDPi support (Windows only)
  • No scrolling in left/right zones of Mixer (TBC)
  • Color palette still limited
  • Old style GUI still in some areas
  • MP3 tag issue
  • too small scroll/zoom controls
  • Window focus issue (Windows only?)

Little things imho which finally have to be ruled out within the lifecycle of a major version.


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Addressing that, would likely address many display issues as a consequence.

So then it is more than valid to constantly remind them about thr leftovers :nerd_face:

these bugs in a major release? again and again, long standing bugs and issues, please solve them, not by a new release, but for existing owners. simple as that.

i have bought the upgrade to cubase pro 11 (from pro 10.5), in the hope, all is being addressed. nothing fancy, i think…

This is some of the deepest most complicated software on planet Earth with code and GUI protocols that span 30 years.

relax. everything is fine. one way or another, everything is fine. Steinberg is doing what they can, with what resources they have.

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with what resources they have.

That’s certainly the only statement to explain all the hassle…

This I have to agree with. That compounded with feature requests from a plethora of users that in some areas contradict each other. Add in to be successful on multiple platforms and “then” trying to keep up with competitors, it must be a huge headache for the coders especially when they have to address bug issues that aren’t synonymous to any one condition. Who knows what they have to go back on and rewrite. I think they have an astronomical product. The only thing I may not agree with is them being a little distant with support. That may have the need to construct a whole different department altogether. We all know at this time that’s not going to happen anytime soon.
I’m just sorry that it might be at the expense of a recording organization getting stifled in the middle of business.

Get real. I don’t expect every single request, by every single use to be addressed. But some of the bugs and lacking features are just plain ridiculous. They don’t have the “resources” to make full screen mode on a Mac for example?


Or they don’t think it’s that important.
Or the old code is so messed up they don’t even dare try.

Neither alternative sounds very comforting. :confused:

Tbh, I don’t believe users generally care about the underlying reasons/excuses for bugs not being squashed or features missing.

If you’re buying a new car - do you really care WHY the breaks aren’t working or WHY there are dents in the fender?
(”The breaks are really difficult to maintain due to the construction”, ”Somebody accidentally slipped and bumped into the fender”).

I think not. You just see a flawed product.
Of course, a DAW is not a car, but a product is a product and the thinking is the same.

In general Cubase bug fixes are sparse and the list is really short compared to other DAWs. I think because they are working 24/7 for the next paid update features. Probably 11.5 Is in Alpha.
I think there should be at least 5-6 bug fix, maintenance, improvement releases between paid updates. Yes it is an old program, big program with lots of features etc but it can get there part by part… If they have time to update the sampler and code new plugins they should find the time to f/e fix the inspector pinning issue for instrument tracks for the past 2 versions. I believe there are people who will be equally excited with hundreds of fixes, workflow improvements, like people who get excited with a new metering plugin.

That’s well said. I wish they had an internal strategy: bug free first, workflow / logic second, new features 3rd and new sounds the very last

Fullscreen is a complete pain on the Web, in any case so I doubt the situation would be much different in app or application world.

It’s a balancing act, for sure!

I never said anything about requests in the post you replied to, so, get real.