Cubase 11 - Meter appearances

Hi there, just installed Cubase 11.0.10.
I was wondering, is it possibile to change meter appearances and use the same I had on cubase 10.5?

Latest Cubase:

Cubase 10.5, which I very liked.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, for most user if not all, I think the mix console meters have to manually be re-done.

Do them like you want them…and take a picture of it for future reference.

Thank you very much for your reply.
Where is the tab that allows me to change colors for metering? For some reason I’m not able to see it.

Click on the marks with the colours… it opens a colour picker

It seems I can’t access to the color picker. Most likely the issue with 11.0.10 users are complaining about in other 3ds?

Thanks for helping.
I was able to change meters appearance as in 10.5.

the default meters in Cubase 11 are changed by going to Edit → preferences → metering → Apperance

From what I can remember in Cubase before there was 1 option for metering colors for channels and a separate one for Master - in Cubase 11 there is just 1 option for metering appearance so maybe that is a reason it’s not possible to transfer over. Maybe try to save your 10.5 preferences and load them in Cubase 11 to see what happens?

If you pick the preset called “Digital” you get the same color that you like except for the yellow top

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