Cubase 11 - Midi editor - acoustic feedback never stops, never releasing the notes


I’ve just upgraded from Cubase Pro 9.5 to Cubase Pro 11 (v11.0.10) [Windows 10 Pro, 20H2]

Something that was fine in Pro 9.5 and is wrong in Pro 11 is the Midi Editor Acoustic Feedback.

The problem is that when you click a midi note with the mouse (or move from a note to another using keyboard cursors) when the acoustic feedback is enabled you can hear the note, but it never stops.

It’s like the code is sending only the Note ON command but not the Note Off command.

In Cubase Pro 9.5, the note feedback sound remained until:

  • If you had only clicked it very briefly, it sounded for around 1s approx, and then it stopped.
  • Or if you continued to press on the note, it continued sounding until you released the mouse button.

In Cubase Pro 11, the note feedback sound remains indefinitely, regardless when you release the mouse button.

If you click more notes, even if so briefly, or move through them using arrow keys, change their pitch or octave, etc, they start sounding also indefinitely.

This is extremely annoying and a very basic fundamental function, so please I beg you fix this asap. Thank you.

To replicate, just create a new project, insert an instrument track with Halion Sonic SE, String for example or a similar long-sounding sound. Then create a part and insert a few midi notes. Then start clicking the notes or move through them with keyboard arrow keys, move them up/down and you will see the problem.

Thanks and best regards.

This must be a problem local to your setup. Do have some more info to add for troubleshooting?

Hi, Steve. If this is not happening to you I will do more tests, including uninstalling everything and doing a full preferences reset to see if it helps.

Well, first look at the devices connected to your system, actual hardware and virtual devices.

Hi, I’ve uninstalled everything (including my old Pro 9.5 installation and all Steinberg software and libraries, etc), removed all old folders and reinstalled from scratch (only “core” Cubase Pro 11, but none of the optional sound libraries, not even Sonic SE).

Now using the same test track I had used before (with Sonic SE before uninstallation), now using Prologue “Typical Lead” the acoustic feedback seems to work just fine.

I will start installing the rest of the sound libraries again, but perhaps this was caused by having a previous installation of Cubase Pro 9.5 + Sonic SE, etc, and only upgrading Cubase itself to Pro 11 instead of installing all packages?

I will let you know how it goes when I install Sonic SE now. Thanks!


After reinstalling Sonic SE now the same track with the same instrument that was causing issues before works fine, note acoustic feedback works correctly again! :smiley:

I’m not 100% sure what was the problem, as I had uninstalled everything and I cannot recommend that as a general solution if the same issue happens to somebody else. However I suspect it was caused by some old Pro 9.5 setting and/or related instruments that I had kept when I upgraded to Pro 11.

Thank you very much for your fast answer, Steve, you put me in the correct direction! :slight_smile:

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