Cubase 11 Misses Great Workflow Opportunity

Was really happy to see C11 with a new feature that allows one to queue various jobs in the Mixdown window. You could have exports of different versions of stems, for instance, press EXPORT and have all the jobs export while you maybe visit your family for the first time in weeks.

But they really missed an opportunity…and that would have been to allow Mixdowns of Mixer snapshots (which already do not allow mutes to be captured!).

But let’s say you have 3 mixes you want to export.

Vocal up, Vocals down, and instrumental.

You could take 3 Mixer snapshots of these, go to the Mixdown window and export them all in one go.

So nice that they got the idea of a queue, hope they go farther with it. And please add MUTES to snapshots!

BTW, Digital Performer has the ability to queue different exports all in one go, but literally no one I’ve spoken with (even DP “experts”) know exactly how to do it LOL

Otherwise nice upgrade!

I think you posted in the wrong section. This is studio/computer hardware