Cubase 11 Mixer zones function bug?

I have installed Cubase 11 Pro
The ‘zones’ tab in bottom of the left side panel no longer appears to function.
I cannot create new left, centre and right hand zones in the mixer.
This appears to have effected the ‘zones’ function in 10.5 as my old projects have not retained their ‘zones’ in the main mixer panel. This happens in both Cubase 10.5 and 11.
Is this a bug ?
Or am I missing someway of activating the zones function ?

Working well here

Is this in all projects, or just one?

If it’s in all projects is there any chance that your preferences files may be corrupted?

As an experiment, you may want to try moving the preference file for Cubase 11 to a safe place - so you can get it back if you want to . Once it’s outside of the regular folder, Cubase will create a new one from scratch when it opens - with all of the preferences reset to defaults. And then make a new minimal project, create a few tracks/channels and check if the zones work again.

It seems to be in all projects, (including new created ones.
It also happens when I open an old project that I know was set up with zones and the zones have disappeared when I open them, even if I use Cubase 10.5 - the zones button no longer works in 10.5 too.
When I upgraded from 10.5 to 11 all my preferences were automatically loaded into 11.

I had thought of uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase 11, however your suggestion to backup and remove the preferences file will be simpler.
I’ll try that and see what happens.

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