Cubase 11 Multi-Processing?

Anyone know of any specific details on potential updates to Multi Processing and ASIO Guard in v11? Has it changed at all from v10.5?


It appears the hyperthreading / ASIO internal overload issue still exists on windows and mac, though the GUI is faster now…

Ive been reading threads here for 3 days straight, seeking the same info you’ve asked about, and so far most people who have actually done the upgrade claim its about the same as 10.5, as far as ASIO performance.

Thanks so much for the reply- Was also hoping (and searching) for some resolve on the internal overload issues. Good to know on the GUI however. Much appreciated.

I can not notice any difference on my machine. Same CPU and memory, but graphics is better. (mac)

No discernible performance differences here on windows.

Finally disabled hyperthreading. Spent 2 hours repairing sample libraries (Caveat: broke libraries trying to fix VPN issue; so it was a good opportunity to drink the kool-aid)

10.5 Pro performance improved. 11 improved same, but no discernable difference

watched << >> last week; with 32Gb RAM’ I was able to disconnect my USB hub (I have ALOT of stuff USB connected to my laptop including whole sample library SSD), and I also was able to get some performance improvements.

So, in my humble opinion:

  1. Disabling Hyperthreading helps but Hardware Interrupt Requests also affect internal performance.
  2. I do not see any performance improvements with the upgrade from 10.5 to 11