Cubase 11 MY WISHES

1.) The ability to resize channel settings window and ability to display the equalizer in full screen like in Lower Zone (Sampler Control, Editor or MixConsole) in the right corner “open in seperate window” or the options like in ProQ3
2.) Possibility to opening Media Bay as standalone.
3.) M4A import
4.) Marker track as separate export.
5.) I want the import of a new audio file not to replace the existing audio track, but to form a new track for that file.
6.) Make a quick button for render in place (with current setting) on track view like a W and R for automations.
7.) Add normalize audio in Sampler Control
8.) I would like the functions for disabling and bypassing plugins to be reversed on the insert so that the bypass is alt + click and the disabling is only mouse click.

Typically the established forum etiquette is to either make a new thread per request, and or and better, use the forum search to find and bump threads that already contain your same feature request. This gives devs a much better idea of what people are wanting, than having to read peoples individual lists and compare. These lists are typically ignored or moved to the ‘Steinberg Lounge’ forum.