Cubase 11 - Nested Tracks In Folder Color

Hi All,

I’m stuck on something. My folder tracks always override the event color of the tracks nested within them. I have scoured these forums for info, but it always seems like the info is for previous versions of Cubase.

So I want to figure out how to make my tracks inside of a folder show events in the original track color. As soon as I move a track into a folder, the events are overridden at that point.

The Cubase manual page (below) shows a control for doing this, but that control does not exist in my setup.

My setup - Win 10, Cubase Pro 11.

Image of the screen where this setting is supposed to reside is below:

Any help is appreciated!

You want Track & Mixconsole Channel Colors.>make sure the Folder Tracks box is ticked.

In Event Display > Folders > tick Show Events Detail and select Always Show Data underneath.

What @silhouette said ^

Also, you’re looking at the wrong manual.
See Operation Manual

Thank you both for your responses… And Steve… thanks for pointing out the incorrect manual. I never would have caught that…

Anyway… I still see an issue with track colors after verifying those settings. Here is an image with notation:

What I am wondering about is how do I make a tracks events reflect the track color AFTER I move it into a folder. In the image above, you can see the upper picture shows the track outside the folder and the events are in green. As soon as I move it into the folder, the track remains green but the events turn gray (lower picture). This is where I am stuck… Sure I can color them manually, but is there a way to keep them matching the track color itself after being placed into the folder?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t really understand the feature – or it could be there’s something wrong here, but anyway, note that once you change the color of an event or track inside a folder it is then independent of the folder’s color.

Привет! Та же проблема! Как сделать так, чтобы при перемещении событий в папку они не меняли цвет?

How to make sure that when moving events to a folder, they do not change color?

I understand completely what you are saying and this is an issue in C12 as well. Just because a track is in a folder does not mean the event colors should follow the folder color. They should be able to be set to still follow the track color. There is no way to do this that I have found.