Cubase 11 - Nested Tracks In Folder Color

Hi All,

I’m stuck on something. My folder tracks always override the event color of the tracks nested within them. I have scoured these forums for info, but it always seems like the info is for previous versions of Cubase.

So I want to figure out how to make my tracks inside of a folder show events in the original track color. As soon as I move a track into a folder, the events are overridden at that point.

The Cubase manual page (below) shows a control for doing this, but that control does not exist in my setup.

My setup - Win 10, Cubase Pro 11.

Image of the screen where this setting is supposed to reside is below:

Any help is appreciated!

You want Track & Mixconsole Channel Colors.>make sure the Folder Tracks box is ticked.

In Event Display > Folders > tick Show Events Detail and select Always Show Data underneath.

What @silhouette said ^

Also, you’re looking at the wrong manual.
See Operation Manual

Thank you both for your responses… And Steve… thanks for pointing out the incorrect manual. I never would have caught that…

Anyway… I still see an issue with track colors after verifying those settings. Here is an image with notation:

What I am wondering about is how do I make a tracks events reflect the track color AFTER I move it into a folder. In the image above, you can see the upper picture shows the track outside the folder and the events are in green. As soon as I move it into the folder, the track remains green but the events turn gray (lower picture). This is where I am stuck… Sure I can color them manually, but is there a way to keep them matching the track color itself after being placed into the folder?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t really understand the feature – or it could be there’s something wrong here, but anyway, note that once you change the color of an event or track inside a folder it is then independent of the folder’s color.

Привет! Та же проблема! Как сделать так, чтобы при перемещении событий в папку они не меняли цвет?

How to make sure that when moving events to a folder, they do not change color?