Cubase 11 New Export Queue very counterintuitive UI/UX


In the Export Audio Mixdown the new feature Export Queue has a very counterintuitive behavior that is not standard and in line with the user control usage.
The feature is “enabled” by expanding the rollout and by doing so the Cancel button and the Export button are grayed out because the dialog expects the user to add some item in the Export Queue.

This breaks discoverability (because the user could be just curious to see what is in the rollout) and makes a very difficult mental association since expanding a rollout in other software do not conditionally disable the main UI functions.
These kind of tasks are generally performed by checkboxes, radiobuttons or evern buttons and not by a visibility element such as a rollout.

user should be able to see what’s inside the Export Queue even if he doesn’t wanna use it and a specific option or a specific button should explicitly tell “Enable Export Queue” or “Export Queue”.