Cubase 11 new midi remote question

Cubase 11 will have a completely new MIDI remote and API system which allows third-party developers to write scripts for their Hardware. With a nice graphical representation of a MIDI device:

Does this mean that i can assign more than 8 quick controls (via on the fly midi learn & twirl knob action from inspector) to control a plugins parameters?
Flip through pages of quick controls
Is just a re-skin of the midi controller thingy part in device settings?
(Companies have written their own control scripts for use within cubase since forever-nothing new?)

Have you implemented control toggles/switches? - traktors controller system is lightyears ahead it seems…

What are the advantages?


-is this user configurable? As in, click learn, touch daw parameter, twist control. (For as many parameters as needed) It should be…
(One full self-made/assisted keyboard remote mapping (all ccs, all made assignments, all manually set controller value ranges) should occupy one quick control slot
(Click to open qc slot 1 to assign config 1 for keyboard X - slot 2 only accepts controller Y , etc.)

-my controller has 16 knobs, 32 buttons , 8 faders, transport… can I (on the fly -and in the flow) assign 16 knobs via quick controls to my synths/fx now?
Or how about 16 knobs, 32 buttons, assignable on the fly (using quick controls or something that works as fast and direct)?

-can we insert our own midi fx vsts directly on channels now? (Why is there no good LFO in midifx?)
-can we grab the edge of midi evens and fade in/out their volume like audio events without affecting processing/ sound or source? (Would be really cool new thing…lol)

It not released yet. The one that knows is not allowed to tell.
(And I very much also would like know. But I guess we have wait one or weeks…)

Burningly interesting question indeed.

As this was from an unauthorised leak, we don’t know if all the things in that document actually made it through to completion for the final release. I’d hold fire until we know for sure. For me, this would be such a massive improvement… Even if it was ran as a public beta to test it.