Cubase 11 no longer recognises USB interface after having done so initially

I recently upgraded from 10.5 to 11.
I use a Behringer X32 as an audio interface and have done so successfully for years. I still have 10.5 installed on my PC and I’ve just confirmed Cubase detects the X32 USB interface fine.
After installing 11 earlier this week I was able to quickly throw together a few loops for fun but now when I go to open the project (or a new one incase the project is corrupt) the audio device does not appear as an option to select.
The PC recognises the X32, it still plays system sounds and like I said, old projects still work in 10.5.
What do you think the problem could be?


So it doesn’t show in Studio Setup for ASIO driver selection, nor Audio connections at all?

If not, have you tried updating/re-installing the drivers?

Nope, doesn’t show at all. System sounds, YouTube vids, Spotify, C10.5 still plays. C11 play successfully once maybe twice max and C11 hasn’t recognised the device since. I have made no changes, I’ll go and look at updates tomorrow to make sure automatic updates aren’t occurring, I’m confident they’re not though. Puzzled to say the least.

Well I’m happy to report that I was able to find a solution to this. I opened C10.5 and left it open whilst I opened C11.
C11 was able to find the X32 as the ASIO driver and I’m back in business.