Cubase 11 Notes don´t appear in the info line of the score editor after pasted

Hello everyone!
I have a problem that makes me lose time when editing in the score editor of the Cubase 11 Pro:
If I copy a note or a group of notes in the score editor, and the paste them in another measure of the same stave or in another stave, the information of these notes does not appears in the info line, so, if I, for example, want to change the octave or velocity, I have to unselect them and select them again for them to appear in the info line.
Does anyone knows if there is a way to change this very inconvenient behaviour?
Thanks before hand!


You are right, that’s not very logical.
The easiest way that I can see to workaround this right now is for example just hit arrow up + arrow down keys once on your computer keyboard, after pasting the notes.

Edit: or a better solution by @steve : simply force update ;

Thanks so much, Maestro!
Hittting up+down arrrows works. What I don´t know is how to force update. Would this solve this weird problem?
Thanks again!

Just click the “UPD” button in the extended toolbar (at the top of the score page) to force a redraw of the page.

It also works, though I think it´s faster to hit up+down arrows.
Thank you, Maestro!