Cubase 11/Nuendo 11 momentarily freezes

Every 1-2 hours, while working under heavy load, my Nuendo 11 (also Cubase 11) freezes for 3-4 seconds. The Windows Cpu load shows 100% utilization during those few seconds; then it drops to (almost) zero for a second, then back to normal. Not the end of the world, but still, annoying.

My working template is very large with tons of tracks, mostly hosted by Vienna VEP7 (on the same computer and on a satellite), some VSTis loaded directly, many stems, high end reverbs etc… It all behaves well except for those seconds.

Has anyone encounter such behaviour with either N11 or C11 pro?

My system: intel i9 10980xe, 18 cores @ 4.6 GHz, 256 GB ram, NVMEs, RME Audio Multiface.

I’m experiencing the same thing with my orchestral template which is basically just a lot of Kontakt instances, and a couple of reverb sends in Cubase Pro 11. The freeze can happen at any point in time, while editing, playing or just idling. I’ve tried running as administrator and with ASIO guard off, neither had any effect. Neither do I have an anti-virus software in the background. When it happens, my mouse cursor turns into the Windows rotating ‘busy’ cursor, and the system doesn’t react to mouse buttons but the cursor is still movable, all the while the audio still plays in the background. After a couple of seconds, the system returns to normal, usually accompanied with the audio buffer going nuts, giving a loud snap, and CPU utilization indicator in Cubase changing to red.

I haven’t had the same happen with any other DAW that I’ve been using the past years.

My system: Windows 10, i5-8600K, 6 cores @ 3.6 GHz, 64 GB ram, NVME system drive, sample libraries on SSDs, Steinberg UR242, Yamaha USB ASIO driver.

If you ever find out a fix for this, please let me know, it’s driving me nuts :slight_smile:

What video card do you have? I have a NVIDIA GTX 1050 and I am starting to believe that it might be the culprit.