Cubase 11 occasionnally stops when playing the tracks

I’ve had a serious windows issue. After reinstallation by a specialist and new SSD (bit to bit copy of the last SSD on the new one) , everything seems fine …BUT …

When I try to play my tracks in cubase, the sound is buggy. From time to time it stops for half a second and then starts again. I tried with a brand new project (single track, no plugin) and it’s the same. Moreover, when I try to export the tracks , the mp3/Wav file has the same problem.

I’ve already uninstalled , redownloaded and reinstalled cubase twice : same result.
Have you got a possible solution ? (except suicide, thanks)

My cubase version is 11.0.30

thanks in advance for your help


Make sure, you have no plug-in in Demo/Trial mode installed, please.

done, of course. thanks !