Cubase 11 on mac works without Rosetta- C13 needs Rosetta?!


concerning the use of Rosetta:
my Cubase 11 runs fine on my Mac Studio M1 without Rosetta- it doesnt even have the option to enable it in the info window, but Cubase 13 needs Rosetta to implement all the Vst2’s AND all the third party Vst 3’ (which should’nt be the case, right?!)
Why? Is there a workaround? Am I doing something wrong?
I got the impression running via Rosetta slows things performancewise down.
Any ideas?
Thx a lot.


Cubase 11 didn’t have the option to run natively. The switch is not there because it always runs in Rosetta.

The very old VST2 plug-ins are not supported on the Silicon Macs in the Native mode. Therefore Cubase needs to run in the Rosetta mode, if you want to use them.

thx. Ok I get that. But without Rosetta, all my VST 3’s are also gone.
What’s happening there?


Are they Apple Silicon compatible?

Hm- I guess not then.
My misconception was “yes” because they run on C11- But as I learned now- there they weren’t running natively either.

So thx a lot, that solved my issue and I will search the world wide web for all the updates.

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