Cubase 11 or go straight to 12?

I just (literally this week) activated CB11 after months of foot-dragging because of in-progress projects. I haven’t even launched it yet. With the earlier-than-I-expected launch of 12, I’m wondering …

Is it worth going through some learning curve on 11 or should I just skip it and jump to 12 under the grace period? And any stability/ etc. issues so far in 12 that might make waiting wise? Opinions? :thinking:


This is fine to do. - the 2 versions are not that different that there is anything to be learned by a detour through Cubase 11.

That said, I’d personally still install 11 ‘just in case’ even if I didn’t use it. Your neurosis may vary.

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Ha ha. Thanks Raino. Yup, 11 is already installed and will be staying for a while I suspect… like the 4, 8, 9 & 10.5 that are still on it for occasional use to pull up old projects.

The “not a lot of difference” is really the piece I was looking for. Thanks!

Anyone else?

Same for me until I had to migrate to a new PC a few months ago. So now I’ve only got a few old versions installed. But I do have the distributions for the rest - just in case.

Yes, absolutely. Go for it.

I usually keep the current and previous versions installed, and then I have 8.5 (following a recent suggestion here that it’s the most recent version to support 32-bit plugins), SX3 and VST 5 for “archaeology”.

As history has taught - the latest version will need patches (bug fixes) - I have 11 as main work horse, trying 12 without any fear that if I need to open the same (v12) project in 11 I can do so. Steinberg’s attention to backward compatibility should not be taken for granted…

Just go to 12. I wouldn’t even bother installing 11. You don’t have any projects in 11 already.