Cubase 11 overloading one of my audio channels

Cubase 11 overloading one of my audio channels all the time. Just makes a super loud constant static sound and cuts all the other audio.
I can see the audio bar is maxed out on one of my audio channels, always the same one. Just started happening and was working fine before.

When i mute and unmute the track the audio bar is still maxed out with no sound coming out of that channel. The audio bar stays maxed out regardless if i move the volume fader all the way down on the channel. but then the channel works while the audio bar is maxed out until it happens again usually within a few minutes.

If anyone could help me that would be awesome as Cubase has absolutely no customer service to fix their bugs.


Make sure, you have no plug-in in Trial/Demo mode installed, please. Make sure, all your plug-ins licenses have been activated.

I have been a very long time user and have suddenly seen the same problem. Nothing makes sense. I am using the same plug-ins and licences as before. Nothing has changed except that an audio track starts out fine then after a few bars it maxes out and the whole sound cuts.

If I’m doing something wrong, I can accept that but as I said I haven’t changed anything.


Yeah everything is up to date and all licences are valid.
Didn’t have this issue with cubase 10.5

I have however narrowed it down to roomworks plug on the channel. When that is bypassed it doesn’t do it. So I’m really not sure what is happening ive just had to leave it off

Roomworks. I think it’s the same issue with me. Must try a different verb or , perhaps setting. Must admit, though, I’ve been using room works for years and never had an issue quite like this.

All the best

I worked out what I did which may have triggered the response. It’s a bit strange but…

I had a song recorded and mixed which another ear suggested there was too much reverb. When I looked at the vocal tracks, I saw that I had indeed made the fade time quite long (4 to 5 seconds). It was when I altered that timing back to less than a second that the overload occurred.

Perhaps there is an at least limit on Roomworks. In any case, today I revisited the track and changed the timing to 1.3 seconds and there was no overload issues anywhere.

If that’s all it is then I have learned a lesson so thank you for sharing your question harrisone 1 which allowed me to think a bit. I did have a feeling about the timing issue but hadn’t the time (sorry) to work on it for the while.

All the best