Cubase 11 Parallel Processing

I’ve seen this topic come up multiple times, but have not seen an answer. I am trying to do parallel compression on a drum track. When I create an FX channel and send a snare for example. Is sounds phase-y. Specifically when the plug-in is turned off. I’ve read stuff about plug-in delay compensation, but I don’t even have the plug-in activated for this to happen. It’s driving me nutz! I’m at the point of just duplicating the track and using the mix knob on the plug-in. I feel like I shouldn’t have to do this in cubase pro.


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If your compressor plug-in has a mix knob, just place that plugin on your source channel (your snare channel for example).

There are a couple of ways of doing this.

One way is to

  1. Create 2 new empty fx channels

  2. select each of the above channels on your source channel as a send. Set the sends to “Pre-Fader” at 0db.

  3. Turn the fader on your source channel to off.

You can use one of the fx channels to be your plain audio channel and the second one you can set up to be your “parallel” channel, add compressor, eqs etc, then blend to taste.

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I’m going to try this, but do you understand why cubase users have to do this?

You can also do it via the routing thing at the top of the mixer. Offhand can’t remember how, but I did it a few times. Kinda the same thing.

Has anyone been able to fix this problem?

What is the actual problem?

What do you think parallel processing is?

The introduction of phase is the problem. Are you telling me this is normal?

I know what parallel processing is (as the name suggests). Does parallel processing typically create phase issues?

No it is not. Does this occur if you have no inserts on either channel?

But again, if your compressor plug-in has a dry/wet control, you don’t have to mess with multiple channels.

But what you give up doing that is the ability to apply eq to the compressed channel.

OP: Shouldn’t be phasy in Cubase. There are no delays inadvertently set in the comp channel, are there?

it would be about a phasey as when the took a y-cable add split an audio channel into two.

Lots of online sources about this. I use Essentials 11 and have never had an issue when doing this. Not sure about the phasing thing. What are your system specs and are you experiencing other performance issues?