Cubase 11 Performance-- load is almost 100% at rest

Hi everyone.

After updating Cubase 10.5 -> 11 on my mac, I got a problem with the performance of projects. At the start, the load is almost 100% at rest. Does anyone have the same problem? In 10.5 I didn’t have this problem. I really appreciate any help.

I see you haven’t had a reply. I am a Windows user and might not have any insight into the Mac version. However it does sound like a vst plugin issue. Have you tried booting up in safe mode with all plugins disabled? I have had a few plugins that have worked with 10.5 and not 11. You might have to experiment with turning them off one by one to determine which one it is.

I played 1 time to the mix completely and everything went back to normal, it’s weird

Good! That’s the wonderful world of computers.