Cubase 11 Plugins vs. 3rd Party Alternatives

Cheers Guys!

I did not have the time to run some tests myself but I really wonder how the new plugins compare to the 3rd party alternatives many of us probably own.

I will list those I can think of and would love to hear your thoughts and additions on and to that!

1.) Spectralaysers One VS RX8 I have RX8 and it is really good but since it costs more than Cubase I wonder how features such as vocal isolation compare… As soon as I find the time to update, I’ll share my test results here!

2.) Frequency 2 VS ProQ3 and other Dyn-EQs I would assume it’s not as fancy as fabfilter but probably similarly powerful (except for having less bands)

3.) Imager VS Ozone Imager/bx_stereomaker

4.) Squasher VS ? the most similar plugin I use, is probably the Oxford Inflator, I heard the comparison to the OTT, yet have never used this one!

Looking forward to hearing what you guys think! :slight_smile:

Yes, these are all real alternatives … however 1) you need to compare with the pro version, 2) about the same thing, 3) with ozone twins-brothers, 4) a completely different plug-in, watch the video on the site, it shows in detail that


regarding 1 & 4 I will! :slight_smile: