[Cubase 11 Pro] accidentally put 'recording input' post-fader -12.2dB, will it be critical?

Hello, I re-processed some of my stems last night and, I realised after all processing,
that my ‘stereo in’ post-fader was put at around -12.2dB…

So I, turned every STEM up 12.2 dB and surprisingly noise level was ‘the same’ as re-tested recording that went through post-fader fixed back to 0dB.

Um, so my question here is, would I be ok?
Also if, the post-fader of recording input channel on Cubase Pro 11 was adjusted, does it mean that no other factors such as ‘noise level’ has been compromised/altered from the 0dB-post-fader recordings??

I really really hope I made myself clear! haha…
it was my very first time making this kind of stupid mistake! lol

I was bugging out at first because the differential is pretty big… (-10dB…) but when I level matched it… it was sounding totally ok… noise level was the same and that was surprising. So I am thinking, maybe Cubase calculates it ‘post’ after the original input hits the DAW…? so the noise level is indeed the same? if what I am thinking is right… then again, I’d be so amazed by Cubase… :slight_smile: