Cubase 11 Pro and HDPi

All right. You are the moderator here and you are on the Steinberg side. If you think that if support team don’t reply for the costumers e-mail in 3 weeks is a good… you are right it’s your choice… It’s not the normal situation


Please, I only spoke about one thing, the fact that bugs are present in a program, not about delayed support replies.

So to be clear about what I’m saying, you had the possibility to insure yourself against disappointment by testing the program before purchasing, and you didn’t.

Anyway, I’m stating my opinion. No one has prevented you from stating yours, and I encourage you to continue to do so.

Yes, it was my mistake to trust Steinberg. HDPi mode was introduced in Cubase 10 I think. And I really don’t think that after 2 years it will be with these many issues… It was my mistake that I trust Steinberg, you are right…


Feel free to continue to misconstrue what I have said.

I understand what you are mean. Really. And agree with you that it was my mistake.


Can I ask? In the next version of Cubase will be fixed all these mentioned issues included the blurry effect?


Does “This one will has been fixed in Cubase 12” mean that just the original issue (graphical “white lines” anomaly) will be fixed? Or that Spectral Layers + HiDPI will be fixed, too?

OP’s bug will likely not be fixed by the first version of Cubase 12

Sorry, but what does mean ‘OP’s bug’?

OP= Original Post, Cubase 11 Pro and HDPi

Omg… :frowning:

Does we have the chances to see the fix in the future? :frowning:

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In the future yes. Hopefully next year but unfortunately that is beyond my own decision and capacity to promise more.

Ok, thanks for the answer. Really bad news for me… it’s really hard to work in original size and Windows on 100%… To small… In 200% - all with the blurry fx :frowning: need to learn Reaper then. Thanks once again for your answer


It looks like my issue with Spectral Layers editor has been resolved in 11.0.40. :grin:

Yes, but anyway a lot of graphic issues in HDPI mode is still there…


Another graphic bug in HDPi mode. Tempo Detection window… tempo bug

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And another one - is the lines in the instruments rack… !seems that many of Cubase windows got the same graphic issue… bug rack|257x499

Thanks! I’ve reported your bug!

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Thank you very much. Can I apply here more then?