Cubase 11 Pro and Metagrid Pro

I’ve recently integrated Metagrid Pro into my Cubase workflow. So far, I love it. But now, I need visibility commands and I have absolutely no idea how to set these up. I’m looking for the same thing that Jason Graves has set up in his Metagrid workspace:

My problem is, I have no idea how to set up these commands on my own, so I went to Graves’ Patreon where he has posted his Metagrid files. I figured I’d integrate his commands/buttons into my workflow. I’ve integrated his XML files into Cubase just fine, and they appear in the PLE. He’s also provided a separate zip file with what I’m guessing is his Metagrid commands/buttons. Someone on his Patreon commented that this specific zip file contains the files that need to be put onto the iPad through the iTunes File Sharing function, which I’ve done, but they do not appear on in Metagrid.

I’d very much appreciate help setting this up properly.

Hi! Have you tried to Import from Dropbox. Thats how I did manage to transfer grids to iPad.

Hope this helps

I have, yes. I believe it’s the wifi for the building I’m in, but I get either an error notification saying the connection was timed out or I get a blank screen with “Import from Dropbox” at the top.