Cubase 11 pro annoying vocal tracks playback problem

I think it’s an OLD OLD case and here we go again.
In the beginning playing most of vocal tracks here comes half second weird sounds. Its just weird sound and then normal vocal track. And there is about 5 and more old disabled tracks in this track background. I think somehow they want to come out and you can here any, half second, sound you can expect.
In mixdown everything ok ,but very disturbing during listening in creating process. I tried to do record, but it looks not easy to record cubase itself.
In better understanding , i will do fun example. So imagine singing starts from AAAA and here goes “shwinAAAA” or “graAAAA” or else.
And it goes RANDOM, not everytime, not in same place, but it seems in one place more times than in another.

I can’t really understand what you mean. You may have to describe your setup and projects more. Maybe you have effects on tracks that have there volume off but are sent ore fader so you here the effect but with out more info it’s impossible to tell. I’m in Cubase 11 and have never seen this problem so it must be something you are doing. The hard part us finding out what that is. Surely you can tell which track you can hear a bit of and track down what it is doing and where it is being sent?

If you dont have same problem, that weird. With Cubase 10.5 everything was ok. It starts about after last update. I think i will try to record somehow, thats the only way to find out.

I haven’t seen this reported before so probably not that weird.

Do you have any tracks gated at the beginning and not edited down to the exact point of starting? This can cause a noise when you start playing.

Ok. I did bad quality record, but you can hear unexpected small “a” before vocal begins. You can say that i did something there, but i checked, everything is muted there.

Interesting, that this problem comes out only on third attempt.

So where this “a” is in project. And there is silence.

Have you tried soloing every part and listening? Then add each part one at a ti e until you hear it.

There is no such “a” in all tracks, only silence. I suggest Cubase messing up with audio tracks, but in case that only i have such problem, maybe it is hardware.

Proably pitch- or time-stretching artifacts… Can do weird things when overdone.

I created new project, now about 18 tracks at all, about 5 instrument , another is audio tracks, inserted cello audio track and again that “bzzz” before it plays.

I want to ask again, another annoying audio haunt me all the time. Do you have the same?
So here is audio, please listen to silent moments between chords?

I cut some audio, but Cubase seems have problems here with playback. Here is how it looks.

Gitara tarpai

With red lines i made some adjustment, but it seems not enough. What interesting, that if i Mixdown this, i think everything will be ok, but during creating process it is hell. Share your experience.
Update. Mixdown full of same sounds, i tried “automation” still same problem, there is no proper way to silence audio track without additional noise in Cubase .
I don’t understand the purpose of DAW.
If i make any change on audio track it will be annoying noise in output.

This is not something that is generally happening in Cubase for most (any?) folks. The problem is specific to your setup. It’s difficult for us to remotely offer suggestions based on the limited info you’ve provided.

Perhaps you can post a small example Project that demonstrates the problem. While the forum will let you post a .cpr file you’d probably want to post a zip of the entire Project folder so the Audio is included.

I think i posted enough examples to hear problem.
I think it is related to Cubase and hardware compatibility or else :wink:.
In order to post all project, i must create something for you :slight_smile: and i think it will be pain to upload.
I will end some project and will create something.

I think it’s probably the best idea to do this and get support to look at it as it looks like no one else is seeing this at all. I can’t see it being hardware related unless you are routing something in a strange way,

Ok. Let me know what you think.

This is the same track

What happens if you bypass every delay in your project.

Suit yourself, but all it takes is dragging the .zip file into a post here.

The point is you are showing us the things that you believe are clues to your problem. But that hasn’t worked so far. So the problem source is likely not obvious. Being able to examine a Project that is exhibiting the problem allows folks to identify & explore those less obvious possibilities.