Cubase 11 Pro - Aria Hybrid_x64 problem

Just got a new PC so brand new install of the latest Cubase 11 pro.
I reinstalled my Akai MPC Beats that also has Hybrid 3 included.
It works fine on my Old PC - same version of Cubase 11 pro and same AKAI software.

On my new PC, Cubase now says that Hybrid_x64.dll is ‘not a valid plugin’ and is black listed???
Everything else is working perfectly - any thoughts?

Solved by stopping Cubase scanning folders for VST2 that were under C:\users…\appdata.
Even though it was always scanning the correct folder as well?!!
Don;t know whether this is partially a Windows 11 probelm as well - my old PC was Windows 10

Keep in mind that many plug-ins install as VST3 and VST2 at the same time… if you have a VST3 there is no real need for installing VST2 versions anymore…

Exceptions prove the rule… :wink: