Cubase 11 pro audio player no longer works

Following a power outage, the Cubase 11 pro player no longer functions correctly. he advances in fits and starts. I tried to load a file from another external hard drive but it’s the same, it seems that the problem really comes from Cubase.
I also deleted and reinstalled Cubase but the problem remains the same, everything seems to work except that the playback is buggy.
Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Can you transfer the problematic project from external disk to your internal disk and try again to see if the playback is still broken?

the problem is with all cubase files. on all storage none work anymore

It is crucial to know if you tried the internal disk also.
I am thinking if there might be something wrong with the motherboard connection of your external drives, that’s the reason I want to know about the internal disk.

yes, I tried to open the files contained in C.
All projects are read in hatched mode, playback occurs in spurts and the sound does not come through

I am worried because you said that you deleted and reinstalled Cubase and still the problem exists. This suggests that the problem should be something else than Cubase.
But just to check,

  • what happens to your performance meter when you playback?
  • what are your buffer settings?
  • what audio interface do you use?

thank you very much for your help.
I just found the problem on the sound card input. UR-C.
When I disable the input the problem goes away but I can’t play anymore.
I will reinstall the driver to see otherwise I will have to change the hardware.
The important thing is to save work.
thanks again

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