Cubase 11 PRO Average is still active

Cubase 11 PRO user.
To work on the song, I started playing guitar or bass yesterday
Just connecting to Guitarick 6
Average takes a peak.
If you stop activating Guitarick 6, it’s calming again…
Not only the guitar rick, but also the other amplifier simulator is on another amplifier simulator…
I’ve been working on a lot of guitar rick 6
It’s the first time I’ve ever been in this situation, so I’m embarrassed
Just in case it’s an audio interface issue,
I’ve been monitoring the latency
It comes out as normal.
The computer specifications are as follows.

CPU : i7 -10700 2.90GHz
RAM : 64G
OS: Windows 11
Audio interface: Komplete Audio6 mk2

Even if you erase it and reinstall it, it still peaks.
Is it a matter of updating to 12?
I called Yamaha Korea and asked,
He told me that it would take about five days to ask Steinberg’s headquarters.
I have to work on the song right away, but it’s troublesome;;;;;;
I don’t know what the problem is.Please help ㅠㅠ