Cubase 11 Pro: Control of commands with events on a Midi Tack

Hi there,
I want to use Cubase as a looper. I can switch on the punch-in using a midi device (iRig Blue Board). Now I want to f. E. after one bar of a 4-bar cycle, automatically switch off the punch-in, so that after one pass through the Cycle the punch-out the recording stops and will only be the playback (and not punch-in again).

Is it possible to route a midi signal via a midi track, e.g. CC50 with 127, so that the punch-in or other task commands are switched.

There may also be other solutions for realizing exactly one recording cycle in a cycle, but synchronously.

I am sure of an idea or solution
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Yes, use Studio > Studio Setup > Generic Remote Device to assign a MIDI command to a function in Cubase, please.

Hello Martin, thanks for your answer.
It dosn’t work. What is going wrong?
Sorry, I want to add a photo of the Studio Setup, but I can’t.


Sorry, I don’t know, how did you set it up, so it’s hard to guess, what’s going wrong.

Could you share a screenshot via Dropbox or similar service, please?

that was a good Idea.

[Dropbox - Generic Controller.jpg - Simplify your life]( Controller.jpg?dl=0)

The Plan is, if the Cubase Cursor passes the Note C8 in the Midi Track the Punch-In should be switched off.
But i am not shure how to route the Signal.

Thanks for your support.


OK, now I understand.

This would work, if you would send the MIDI data out to any virtual MIDI cable and from the MIDI cable back to Cubase. The “All MIDI Inputs” doesn’t listen the outputs.

Hi, I am very excited about your support.
I understand this option in principle. But can you also explain to me the realization of a virtual midi cable? Then I would be there.

with kind regards and Thanks for your Help.



It depends on the virtual cable software you would use.

Lets’ imagine, you have some application named VirtualCable. Set the MIDI Track Out to the VirtualCable Out. Set the Generic Remote In to VirtualCable In. Make sure the VirtualCable Out is connected to the VirtualCable In in the VirtualCable application. Done.

Hi Martin,
it is working.
On my Mac there is an IAC-Virtual Menu where i had configured the Virtual Port (Cable).
I am very happy because i learned a lot and realized my project.

Once more, thank you for support.