Cubase 11 Pro - Controller Lane v Automation Lane Editing Behaviour

Hi folks, I’m using Cubase 11 Pro on a Mac and have noticed that the editing behaviour seems to be different whether the data is on the Controller Lane or on the Automation Lane.
Just to give you a simple example, I have done a couple of screenshots having put a few points with the pencil tool on both of these lanes and the results are completely different.
The MIDI part Controller Lane has nicely ramped sides and is locked to the Grid whereas the Automation Lane insists on putting nearly perpendicular, sudden changes of value that aren’t even locked to the grid. I am obviously making use of the new Cubase 11 Pro functionality in the MIDI Part lanes and am finding it extremely easy to use, but can’t understand why the Automation Lanes aren’t as easy to use in this manner.
I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong within the Automation Lane settings but for the life of me I can’t seem to work it out.
Alternatively if the editing behaviour being different is supposed to be like it is - can anybody explain why to me?

Wishing everybody a peaceful and safe Christmas and New Year.


Sorry, which of the screenshot is MIDI CC and which one is automation? How did you get these curves? Is the Type of Controller event set to Step or Ramp? What do you want to achieve?

Hi Martin
The green image is Automation Lane and the Grey is MIDI Controller CC Lane.

In order to illustrate my issue I was inputting points on BOTH lanes with the pencil tool trying my best to form a very rough TRIANGLE wave. I achieve this easily on the MIDI Controller Lane but the Automation Lane behaviour appears to be different and that stepping is the result.
I’m assuming I have an incorrect setting somewhere.
My aim is to achieve the same simplicity of editing behaviour in the Automation Lane as is possible in the MIDI Controller Lane.
Many thanks


I see… In the automation lane, if you click to the empty space the new node in this “jump” mode has been created. But, if you click by mouse to the existing line and move the node up/down, you get the “line” mode, you would expect.

Yes, I get that… but

Is there a reason for the editing behaviour to be different on the two distinct lanes?

Can I select a preference anywhere for the Automation Lane behaviour to be the same as the MIDI Controller Lane?

And finally why does the Automation Lane not lock into the Grid?


I would say, there is different use case in most of the cases. MIDI CC are more in the musical context. Automation is more in the mixing (sound engineering) context.

No, there is no preferences for this.

It does Snap to the grid, once you start to move the node left/right.

OK, thanks for your help Martin, I appreciate it. I’m still sort of disappointed that the Automation Lane does what it does in the way it does, but there we go.
I wish you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.