Cubase 11 Pro - Crash Dump created while using BabyAudio Parallel Aggressor VST3

Hi Steinberg,

today I run into the very unpleasant “serious problem occured…” message where a DMP file was created. The issue occured while I was browsing presets in the VST3 Plugin by BabyAudio named “Parallel Aggressor”. Cubase did not die though and once I removed the plug (which was still working too) from the insert I could still work with the project. I took a look into the DMP file (happy to share) and to me it looks like the crash was indeed caused by the VST3 plugin instance. Just curious it this is really true. I wrote BabyAudio in parallel to let them check as well but perhaps someone of you guys likes to have a look. I know, today it is all about Cubase 12 and 11 is soon going to die but well, not right now :wink: Thx for your efforts



This is user forum. :wink:

Please, share the DMP file.

Thanks Martin, I will, when I am back at my studio PC. In the meantime, where shall I upload the file (it is not really large, as I remember)?
And about “This is a user forum” > who is the user who made this nice forum? :wink: But let’s not debate about the scope of this forum :wink:


You can wither upload the DMP file here directly to the forum or you can upload it to Dropbox (or similar service) and share the link.

Of course, there is a user (human/s) behind the forum. But it comes from Steinberg for the users. :wink:

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