Cubase 11 Pro Crashes every time I close a project or the application


Cubase 11 Pro crashes every time I close a project or the application, or even open a new project whilst one is open. The link below if the last 3 crash dumps. No error message, just goes away, and the next start shows me the “safe mode” options window.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

You are not the only one with this problem. For me is now with C11 happend app. every 3. time. It is really anoying, what I know, Acustica plug ins hangs Cubase everytime. Nobody cares, I think it is Acustica problem with cubase.

Mine doesn’t crash, but more often than not, the next time I Open it, it says Cubase didn’t close properly.

(I haven’t taken the time to test which plugin does this or taken the time to look at a dump file.)