Cubase 11 Pro crashes when opening

Cubase 11_2021-09-02-232056_Johns-Mac-Pro.crash (117.7 KB)
Hi, my Cubase 11 Pro just keeps crashing while opening. I’ve had a look at the log and it doesn’t seem to be a plugin. I get the message: the application was terminated with an error while executing the following file:

dyld (852.2)

I’ve got the crashlog if anyone can make use of it?

Mac Pro/ Big Sur

I know you said it’s not your plug-ins but it probably is your plug-ins.

Can you create an empty Project? If you can, go to your Project plug-ins folder and see what is blocked or black listed. Find out where these plugins are located, go to that folder and then delete them. These would be VST2 plugs or 32bit plugs. They can’t be used by the current Cubase.

If you are using some type of adaptor like j-bridge (that tries to alter the 32bit plugin to work in a 64bit environment) then this is probably your problem.

If you are saying ALL your plugins are 64bit versions, then again, I would say that something is wrong with a particular plugin. When Cubase doesn’ it’s usually caused by a bad or mismatched plugin, this has been my experience.

Thank you for taking the time mr.roos, it’s much appreciated. I did as you say and Cubase opens more reliably, so I guess you were correct. It still crashes sometimes after I removed the 32 bit plugins, there must be a rogue plugin in there somewhere. Funny, the crash log usually points at a specific plugin as the guilty party, usually some Izotope thing, but I can’t see a plugin as crashing the thread.

Does anyone know how I post a crash log to Cubase?


The crash is in the Open GL area. Cubase is not using this type of graphic. It must be in any plugin using it.