Cubase 11 Pro Crashing When Loading A Kontakt Track Windows 10

Title says it all. I’ve tried reinstalling everything, updating all my drivers, did all the software updates, reached out to NI support and yet no luck. It doesn’t crash when loading any other instruments or samplers. I’ve tried all of them and it only happens with Kontakt Player 6.4.2 and 6.5.0, anyone know what’s up?

I’ve been testing this crash by creating a new project in cubase, adding a track, selecting Kontakt as the instrument and hitting Ok. I get the blue pinwheel for loading and then it crashes.

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, it’s obvious it’s on the NI Kontakt side. Please get in contact with NI.

No it’s not obvious and I did. They said was an issue with Cubase and the ucrtbase.dll file.

ucrtbase.dll is not a Steinberg file - but it is a Microsoft library that that Cubase and other applications use.

I’m using Kontakt 5 here, (you don’t say what version you’re on) no crashing happening on loading Kontakt tracks, which indicates that it is not Cubase problem specifically – but it could be a problem specific to your system. Stab in the dark: I would check video drivers to see if they’re fully updated.