Cubase 11 PRO Crossgrade not shown any longer but working anyhow?

I purchased Cubase Artist and upgraded it into PRO during the last promotion. In the Steinberg Download center it used to show up a reference to this, meaning that one could read that I had authorized Cubase PRO 11 via an upgrade coming from Artist - I don’t remember exactly how it appeard.
Today I opened Steinberg Download center and it required an update which I did, and now, it shows only Cubase Artist 11, without any reference to my right for the PRO upgrade. However Cubase still works fine. My concern it related to future updates and so on.

I assume I have nothing to worry about?

Many thanks for any clarification provided.
Kindest regards

The Download Assistant is not where you can see the licenses you own.

Only the Elicenser Control Center shows this information.

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Thanks Steve, perhaps it was a newbie question… Yes I checked that in the eLicenser Control Center I have a full license for Cubase Pro 11 for unlimited time.

So one thing is the product that you register in the Download center, and another thing is what will or won’t be activated depending on what your license enables to, or so I undestand now. Still I have the doubt why I cannot register the Pro license in the download center, however I believe I will be ever to download (and activate through the eLicenser) any product linked to Cubase PRO, not only Artist.

Thanks and kind regards

Cubase Pro includes everything from Artist and all previous versions.

Please. Forget about the Download Assistant (not Center) for everything except a way to download content and installers.

In any case, you don’t have to use it. All files are available at Cubase 11 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

Only your Steinberg Account and the Elicenser Control Center display which licenses that you own, and I am no longer sure at all what the scope of the Steinberg Download Assistant is supposed to be, beyond the ability to restart failed downloads.

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Ok Steve, as clear as it gets. A big thanks you for your help!

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