[Cubase 11 pro] Disable/Enable tracks routing to 'stereo out' by default issue...?

When I disable tracks then, re-enable tracks under certain group,
some tracks sometimes get routed to ‘stereo out’ / main out, by default.

Is it a common issue in Cubase 11 Pro?

It happens randomly.


*if this has not been fixed, never mind :slight_smile:


Does the destination Group still exist? Did you change the position (order) in the MixConsole by any chance?

Have you found when does it happen by any chance? Uder which condition?

So for, recording, I usually, render INST total group so I dont have to keep each inst track enabled.

Group tracks stay on,
only tracks under all of them are disabled for CPU saving and also less latency.

Then, when I re-enable those tracks after vocal/guitar recording,

Only some tracks under some group routed to ‘MAIN OUT’.

I realized this lately.
I was slightly shocked because, I worked on a mix… then I did not realize some tracks were routed to the MAIN which can be extremely ‘wrong’ sounding…

So… I believe this is error inside Cubase 11 Pro :slight_smile:

*Very random.
Some tracks routed to the proper sub group :slight_smile: but some tracks just randomly go to STEREO OUT… so yeah.