Cubase 11 Pro for PC and laptop at the same time

Hello, I have been a Cubase user for almost 24 years. I am currently using Cubase 10.5 on a PC and would like to run the same program on a laptop but I’m not interested in running around with a fragile USB-eLicenser and sometimes need to have two programs running at the same time (PC and Laptop).

Is it possible?

And if not, are there any discounts for the owner of the 1st instance?

Do I have to pay the full price for the independent version that will have USB-eLicenser?

Do I have to create a new user account to have 2 licenses of the same program - Cubase 11 Pro on PC and Cubase 11 Pro on laptop?

It’s a pity I have to start a new thread and can’t just write an email directly to Steinberg …


No other way at the moment but buying a second, full license. If this has to be on another email, I don’t know, but I guess it is not mandatory. No discounts either. But, you may want to wait a little while until Steinberg lifted the curtain from their new licensing model / technology. Though we might not see any chances in the amount of usable licenses but perhaps they are doing it like others, where you can have several installations / activations. Since I am not a Steinberg insider nor an employee, nor do I have any other deeper insights, I am just speculating. But it is an official information that the USB dongle may not be the (only) neccessary license keeper.

Im been user from Cubase SX times and ended to use other DAWs on laptop because dongle is too much trouble and hassle. I have Nuendo and multiple Cubase licenses, but found it still is easier to use whatever other DAW with more relaxed policy. Really hope new licensing model allows multiple installations. Cubase is the DAW where I like to be.

Ok, but I’ve been waiting for a long time and nothing has changed in this matter for years. Are there any rumors about new licensing models from Steinberg?

And how is it with several licenses of the same program on one account?

Well, so it will probably be, as in the case of Waves, you can keep the license anywhere - e.g. on a disk, on a USB drive or on ILok, but you will have to buy it anyway and one license = one instance of the program