Cubase 11 Pro (Grace Period Eligible)

When I open up my eLicenser control app, it says that I have the Cubase 11 Pro license followed by (Grace period eligible). I’ve tried maintenance but there has not been a prompt to say that I can upgrade it. On the activation manager it says that I don’t have any licenses despite owning both Pro 11 and Elements 11. I have just activated the license yesterday so I believe I am eligible for an upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro. Is this right and if so how do I go about getting the upgrade?


Use Steinberg Activation Manager, please.

It says that there are no licenses found

Click the icon to the top right of the Steinberg Activation Manager and select Grace Period Check…

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I have just checked and it says no licenses found after running the grace period check on the activation manager.


When did you activate your Cubase 11 for the first time, please?

Same problem for me and since a lot of days I do not receive any response from Steinberg support.

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Have you tried to quit the eLicenser?