Cubase 11 pro inspector window contents disappearing

yet again, after several projects with no issues at all, the dreaded ‘disappearing inspector window contents’ phantom has reappeared ! For no reason at all the inspector window contents keep disappearing. If I start cubase in safe mode this fixes it for a while, but the problem eventually comes back. Ive had this problem for maybe a year or so now and I cant find anyway to solve it. Does anyone have any idea at all how to permanently fix this problem ? Ive reported it to steinberg, they just give me the same old procedure that supposedly fixes it, but it never does, their support is just useless

Can anyone help me ? Its happening more frequently now. Ive created a suppport request with Steinberg, but going on previous requests I dont expect anything different than the last set of suggestions that didnt fix it. Has anyone else experienced this ? Its getting to the point where im seriously considering switching DAW, im franky sick to death of this problem


Are you on Windows or Mac? What graphic card do you use, please?

Im on windows 10 64bit and I use a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB card. Ive tried the suggestions from Steinberg about updating my graphics drivers and reinstall the C++ libraries, it doesnt work