Cubase 11 Pro Installation - Missing Additional Content

Greetings and apologies if this gets asked often!

Last night I purchased Cubase 11 Pro. I’m on OSX 10.14.6, and the installation through the Steinberg Download Assistant seemed to go painlessly, but am having a couple problems:

  1. When I opened an empty project to have a look around, I loaded Halion Sonic SE into an instrument track but there are no presets. The GUI is completely blank.

  2. When I try to open the Demo track that came with Cubase, 19 .wav files are missing.

The download path for everything I downloaded (Bloom content set, Halion, Noir, LoFi Dreams, etc.) is: Macintosh HD>Users>MyName>Downloads>Steinberg>OSX. The OSX folder has all the content sets and instruments within it, amongst everything else that was downloaded.

Do I have to move some folders around on my system to get the content sets to show up?

Thanks for any help!

Did you also download and install (i.e. both steps) the

  • HALion Sonic SE 3 - Instrument
  • HALion Sonic SE 3 - Content
    via the Download Assistant?

Did you also download and install (both steps)

  • Cubase 11 Demo Track - Venus theory

Thanks for responding and providing that graphic!

SO…Looks like this may be a case of me being a bit dim. In the Steinberg Download Assistant I downloaded everything in the “Cubase Pro 11 Update” option. I used Cubase 7.5 for a short while back in 2014 on a different computer. I obviously should have downloaded from the non “Update” version /facepalm. (it was 4am and my brain was fried, but thats no excuse hah).

So now that that’s figured out, should I be ok if I just download everything that I missed using the “Cubase Pro 11” option?

You’re not the first and won’t be the last person to be confused by how this works - so not a reflection of your :bulb: brightness.

Yes, grab every line item from that page (hopefully with good broadband) – A Cubase 11 Pro license includes all of that goodness. – The reason they did it that way in the new version, is that some people (also somewhat understandably) complained about not having the ability to pick and choose, since they had a bunch of that stuff already.

p.s. The Steinberg Download Assistant just isn’t very smart-- it has no idea what you already have. After you close it, it doesn’t even remember what you already downloaded. – It sure could use some improvement.

Lol - thank you so much for the help and info. All the content is there now.

One new thing has happened:

I open Cubase and select to create an empty project and a dialog box pops up saying
“Could not create project directory!” with the option to click “OK” - and when I click “OK” Cubase opens up. Any idea how I could fix that?

You may have to select a folder that is write-enabled?

Goodness - I forgot I had powered down my project drive! (ok now THAT is dim…lol) All is well now here. Thanks again for your help. I’m just going to relax for the rest of the day and maybe take a nap…

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